IROC Colours. In keeping with the history of the original IROC series, the IROC Challenge Series competition vehicle must be presented in one of the 'original' fifteen IROC colours (plus Gun Metal Grey/Silver).  A maximum of 3 (three) vehicles per colour will be permitted to run (first in, best dressed).

The original colours are;

  • Grand Prix White
  • Sahara Beige
  • Bright Yellow
  • Bright Green
  • Light Green
  • Pistachio Green
  • Gulf Blue
  • Acid Blue
  • Mexican Blue
  • Aubergine
  • Indian Red
  • Strawberry Pink
  • Carmen Red
  • Orange
  • Black
In 1974, in what was to become the forerunner of “one make” style racing, the International Race Of Champions - IROC, was first run in the US featuring the Porsche 911 3.0 RS. While the IROC Series continued on for many years with other makes, the “IROC 3.0 RS Porsche” became one of the most iconic and replicated of all the racing Porsches.

The IROC Challenge Series offers Competitors the opportunity to compete in a structured race series in cars that mirror the IROC 911 3.0 RS in appearance, coupled with Sporting and Technical Regulations that have been developed with affordability, reliability and parity as prime targets (ARP).

The IROC Specification Porsche is not a new Category of automobile on the Australian motor sport scene. All IROC Specification Porsches' must comply with CAMS' 2nd Category Group 2B - Marque Sports Cars, coupled with IROC Regulations allowing the IROC Specification Porsche to remain eligible for a variety of racing disciplines, not just the IROC Challenge Series.

The IROC Specification is to allow widely available and affordable components, many of them "off the shelf", to be incorporated into a 911 race car that, visually, will replicate the iconic Porsche racecar of the 1970's, the IROC 3.0RS. The IROC Specification Porsche provides for a race car and Race Series that has stable regulations and cost containment.

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